Strategic Storytelling for Social Change

2 Days

This two day workshop takes campaigners, activists, advocates, agents of change, instigators and rabble rousers on a journey of using story to inspire, educate and activate social change. Story is one of our most powerful tools as change makers. In this workshop we will be exploring why story work matters and some methods for harnessing the power of stories more effectively. 
Each of us has a story that can move others. As you learn the skills you will be able to share a compelling story that includes elements that identify yourself, your audience and your social change goals to others.

Change makers employ both the “head” and the “heart” in order to mobilise others to act effectively on behalf of shared values. In other words, we help you engage people in interpreting why they should change their world—their motivation—and how they can act to change it—their strategy. Our story-work here is an effort to tell a story that involves the head and heart AND moves people to use their hands and feet in action.

View our calendar for the next scheduled Strategic Storytelling for Social Change workshop, or contact us to tailor a workshop for your organisation.