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Sparking Change offers project consulting services and we customise our workshops for your specific organisational and social change needs. These can services be used separately or combined as part of package for your organisation.

Project Consulting

Sparking Change works with organisations, councils, communities or other groups to research and design projects, identify funding and develop proposals, facilitate project activities, or evaluate project progress. StoryWork tools are suitable for all these tasks and we bring extensive community development and project management experience to the table, park, meeting room, pub or wherever your organisation and community is ready to work!

Customised Workshops

We tailor our strategic storytelling workshops to place your community and organisational needs, along side lived experience stories of your clients, your staff, your volunteers and your membership at the front and centre of the stories you create. Therefore enabling you and your community to develop and engage in story work in ways that are most useful and heartfelt and action orientated for your purposes. Our core workshops are:

Storytelling for Social Change
Duration: 2 Days
Target Audience: Campaigners, activists, advocates, agents of change, instigators and rabble rousers
Synopsis: A journey using story to inspire, educate and activate social change. Story is one of our most powerful tools as change makers. Change makers employ both the “head” and the “heart” in order to mobilise others to act effectively on behalf of shared values. In other words, we help you engage people in interpreting why they should change their world—their motivation—and how they can act to change it—their strategy. Read more ...

Using StoryWork for Advocacy + Leadership
Duration: 1 Day
Target Audience: Campaigners, peer workers, activists, human rights defenders, and social change champions
Synopsis: At the end of this workshop, people who take part will be able to:

  • Explain what advocacy is
  • Outline examples of different types of advocacy.
  • Describe some of the barriers that people face when engaging in advocacy, and some possible solutions to this.
  • Explain the role that story telling plays in advocacy and campaigning.
  • Outline some key considerations when using storytelling in advocacy and campaigning.
  • Explore how to create suitable stories for advocacy purposes.
  • Discuss some tricky questions that advocates might face, and how to handle these.

The most powerful tool in an advocates bag is a compelling story.

Using StoryWork for Fundraising
Duration: 1 Day
Target Audience: NFP’s and community facing organisations needing help to present stories that attract donors, win support, and raise money.
As NFP’s and community facing organisations raising money to support and service our communities, it’s not enough to arouse sympathetic emotions. We need to motivate people to act on those emotions, and to vote with their bank balances. We need to overcome the painful feelings that come with acknowledging the presence of suffering in our world and follow through with the empowering knowledge that we can all make a difference. Research shows that this is all possible, though it’s not always easy. The most powerful tool in a fundraiser’s bag is to tell a great story. It’s stories, not statistics, that evoke emotion and desire to help.

Lana Woolf is a superb educator and facilitator. She nurtures people’s storytelling abilities with great sensitivity, helping to bring out stories of honesty and strength from beginning to expert storytellers. She is an exceptional talent worthy of any keen learner’s time.

Dr Katherine Phleps

The Sparking Change workshop was valuable because it helped me to structure my ideas and articulate my experiences and what I cared about in a convincing way. The tools will be invaluable to my future campaign work and allow me to target different audiences

Rebecca Langley - West Papuan Community

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