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A wide range of movers and shakers and social change makers attend Sparking Change workshops and make use of our other services. Some people attend Sparking Change workshops as part of personal professional development within their workplace. Others are advocates, activists, and community members looking for new tools to to enhance their effectiveness.


We offer a series of strategic storytelling workshops detailed below. The workshop content can be used in your NFP or community group, however, the workshop will be of a general nature and not geared toward a specific cause or campaign. Our calendar lists workshops scheduled for the coming months, including these core workshops:

Storytelling for Social Change
Duration: 2 Days
Target Audience: Campaigners, activists, advocates, agents of change, instigators and rabble rousers
Synopsis: A journey using story to inspire, educate and activate social change. Story is one of our most powerful tools as change makers. Change makers employ both the “head” and the “heart” in order to mobilise others to act effectively on behalf of shared values. In other words, we help you engage people in interpreting why they should change their world—their motivation—and how they can act to change it—their strategy. Read more ...

Using StoryWork for Advocacy + Leadership
Duration: 1 Day
Target Audience: Campaigners, peer workers, activists, human rights defenders, and social change champions
Synopsis: At the end of this workshop, people who take part will be able to:

  • Explain what advocacy is
  • Outline examples of different types of advocacy.
  • Describe some of the barriers that people face when engaging in advocacy, and some possible solutions to this.
  • Explain the role that story telling plays in advocacy and campaigning.
  • Outline some key considerations when using storytelling in advocacy and campaigning.
  • Explore how to create suitable stories for advocacy purposes.
  • Discuss some tricky questions that advocates might face, and how to handle these.

The most powerful tool in an advocates bag is a compelling story.

Using StoryWork for Fundraising
Duration: 1 Day
Target Audience: NFP’s and community facing organisations needing help to present stories that attract donors, win support, and raise money.
As NFP’s and community facing organisations raising money to support and service our communities, it’s not enough to arouse sympathetic emotions. We need to motivate people to act on those emotions, and to vote with their bank balances. We need to overcome the painful feelings that come with acknowledging the presence of suffering in our world and follow through with the empowering knowledge that we can all make a difference. Research shows that this is all possible, though it’s not always easy. The most powerful tool in a fundraiser’s bag is to tell a great story. It’s stories, not statistics, that evoke emotion and desire to help.

StoryWork Coaching

We provide 1:1 social justice leadership coaching ideal for current and emerging leaders who are interested in developing their self actualisation, creative communication and community engagement skills. How does it work? Sessions are held in person or via Skype. Coaching programs include telephone and email support between sessions and access to additional free resources

  • Single session: 1 x 60 minute session tailored to your needs.
  • Two hour strategy session: Clarify your objectives, your strengths and values (or set your own agenda for the session). Take away clear action steps to move forward.
  • Three month program: 12 x 60 minute sessions to identify your values and strengths, build resilience around your vulnerabilities, and learn ways to connect, communicate and co-create with story work.

You’ll learn how to engage people and communities with both the head and the heart and inspire strategic action with hands and feet rather than just the nodding of heads in approval.

I attended Lana Woolf’s Storytelling for Community Advocacy workshop, learning about strategic storytelling, participatory leadership and how to tell our personal stories in a way that can be heard and create change. Lana’s facilitation skills are excellent; she ensured everyone felt accepted and safe. The workshop required thinking and writing about our own lives, so this was particularly important. The structure she provided meant I was able to do a substantial amount of work in developing my storytelling skills.

I am a better advocate since doing this workshop, and after the workshop was able to join up with another advocate to lobby a social services organisation. We succeeded in convincing them to support a much needed community group for people affected by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. I have also been able to develop my relationship with established advocacy organisations.

A particularly useful part of the workshop was about how the storyteller can protect themselves emotionally, for example we worked through ways to support ourselves when people ask inappropriate questions in relation to our stories. It was a very practical workshop but also contained a lot of wisdom about both the experience of advocating for change and what works to influence the audience so that they will be moved to take action.

Nell Butler

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