Sparking Change uses StoryWork as a way to bring people together, build leadership from within communities, and inspire involvement in democratic processes. We think this is an important stepping stone for communities to work collaboratively with organisations.

Sparking Change provides an opportunity for communities to reflect, connect, grow and learn. StoryWork is a powerful catalyst for connecting people to each other and places. These types of connections are essential ingredients for positive change through community and cultural development. Stories are a useful lens for collectively examining and formulating the necessary steps to actualise our stories from the past, present, and create the stories that will guide the future of our communities. We work with community participants to design and participate in intentional and strategic community StoryWork activities that help build relationships, create a shared vision and shared identity, heal some community wounds and celebrate community accomplishments and heroes. We help communities to collaborate with and work authentically and effectively with organisations in:

Community directed project planning and development
Sparks provides beginning to end project planning and development services that support your community in identifying and exploring the unique relevance of StoryWork, to your particular community. Services include:


  • Consultation on approaches to storytelling and narrative practice, including assessment of community needs, determination of project goals, and review of best practices for developing appropriate stories
  • Facilitation of community-driven, community engaged planning activities
  • Design of community engagement strategies to support StoryWork
  • Assistance with fundraising through proposal writing and review and the development and coordination of funding campaigns


Workshop and Facilitation Services

Custom designed StoryWork workshops are key to what we do. We offer:

  • Customised strategic storytelling and poetry workshops
  • Story-based participatory leadership days, peer mentoring and community strengthening workshops, and sparking change strategy sessions
  • Consultation meetings to engage storytellers in the development of strategies for publicly sharing their work as tools for education, awareness-raising, community mobilisation, or advocacy





Story Sharing Activities

We provide assistance with the planning and facilitation of story sharing sessions in a range of settings includes:

  • Facilitation of community storytelling, panels, and media forums
  • Presentation of stories and project outcomes at conferences and symposia
  • Development and training of local speakers’ bureaus, for sharing stories
  • Design of educational outreach programming




Research and Evaluation Services

We offer research and evaluation services, including:

  • Assessment of community needs through storyWork activities
  • Mapping and analysis of local issues
  • Evaluation of the impact on storytellers, of sharing personal stories
  • Evaluation of the impact on audiences and communities, of listening to stories




Community Development and Culture Building

We can work with your community on the development and implementation of StoryWork practices to strengthen critical-thinking, communication, reflection, and cultures of dignity and respect.

  • Participatory leadership training through sharing and listening to stories as well as co-creating team stories
  • Community development and team building through story-sharing
  • Development of thematic story-creating workshops for community organising
  • Community activities to bring forth meaningful stories
  • Story-creating of the “future stories” of your community.