Sparking Change is always wanting to share the power of story with NFP’s, councils, local government and social justice organisations and community groups, so we thought a good way to do this was to hold free one hour long Brown Bag Lunch session at your place.

We would love for you to invite us to a Brown Bag Lunch to talk about ‘why story is important in social change’

In this hour long informal presentation we will explore;

  1. the difference between a narrative and a story
  2. the role narrative and story plays in our lives and work we do
  3. understanding narrative power
  4. models of power and consent (and why when narratives change the power can shift)
  5. why facts alone are not enough to change people’s minds
  6. shifting the spectrum of allies
  7. points of assumptions
  8. #changethestory

Invite us to a Brown Bag Lunch to learn more  email:

Who: We work with NFP’s, community facing organisations, social justice organisations, local council and government, and community groups.

When: We do realise that some groups, communities and businesses operate in different hours and open to a Friday night drinks session or a Saturday morning tea session – email and lets see what we can arrange.

Where: Your place, (or a place you arrange) for example, board room, staff lounge. We would prefer to have a place where we can use a powerpoint presentation, but we are also open to being flexible, perhaps you are a environmental group, and you invite us to lunch in the community garden! We would love to find ways to work with you.

Being North Central Victorian based, we offer these lunchtime sessions between Healesville and Greater Melbourne city. We also travel around Australia and the Pacific so if are interested and are in another major city, contact us and next time we are near by, we will arrange to come to visit you!

Why: Most people understand that story plays an important role in social change, but they often don’t know how story plays a role in the social change, or why story is important in the social justice toolkit, or what role you can take to #changethestory. We want to help you answer these questions – and also let you know the ways Sparking Change answers these questions.

What is a Brown Bag Lunch? 

A brown-bag session refers to an informal meeting, training, or presentation that happens in the workplace.

Brown-bag, to me, indicates three elements:

#1, because the term brown-bag refers to the plain brown paper sack in which many people bring their lunch to work, it typically happens over lunchtime;

#2, for the same reason, attendees are aware that this is not a formal meeting where lunch is provided to them;

#3, since it takes place over lunch hour, it is optional for participants to attend because it is assumed they have an hour of unpaid time for lunch and they have chosen to use it to attend the session.

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